Passion for Design

888.ATELIER was founded by Jana Novakova, an internationally recognized interior designer based in Marbella, Spain. With a team of 20 employees and a 1000 m2 showroom on Golden Mile, Jana leads the design department of AALTO Exclusive Design, a multi-faceted design studio with its own decorative carpentry production.Jana’s expertise lies in high-end residential projects and bespoke product design. Her extensive portfolio showcases her mastery of various interior styles, with each project being unique and thoughtfully executed. Jana’s approach to design is to explore new and original ways to combine materials, colors, shapes, lighting, and styling, resulting in interesting, functional, and elegant interiors with character.

888. Atelier

"A symbol of infinity, an infinite potential of creativity, positive vibration – just to name few meanings of this symbol that are also digits in a date of birth of its founder Jana."


With a background in business administration and a degree in design from a UK university, Jana’s passion for design and her business acumen make her a formidable force in the industry. Jana has won several international design awards, including The International Design and Architecture Award in 2020 in category Beach house‘ and 2022 for her outstanding work in Beach house ‘and Living Space Europe‘ design categories.

Under her lead the studio gained a Luxury Lifestyle award for the best design studio in Spain 2020, best design studio in Costa del Sol in 2022.


Casa Varanda La Quinta Spain
Casa Cascais Estepona Spain
VILLA ARTOLA Marbella Spain
Villa The Edge Estepona Spain
Villa Karma La Cerquilla Spain
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